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MCX Connectors

MCX Connector Specifications

MCX microminature RF connectors are suitable for 50 ohm applications an provide repeatable performance from DC to 6GHz. The snap on coupling feature allows ease of assembly in dense packaging layouts. The design of the connector encompasses the need for size reduction, low weight, durability,and reliable perfomance. MCX type connectors enable a 30% space reduction over similar SMB/SMC types. LTI MCX connectors are designed to conform to CECC 22220 specifications. Typical applications for MCX connectors include GPS, wireless communications and automotive.

MCX Plug

MCX Jack

MCX connector specifications MCX connector specifications
Letter Minimum Maximum
A 3.66 3.76
B 2.00 2.07
C 0.48 0.53
D 4.16 -
E 2.81 3.20
F 0.00 0.30
G 2.81 3.20
Letter Minimum Maximum
A 3.61 3.75
B 3.43 3.48
C 1.80 1.97
D 0.75 0.85
E 2.31 2.79
F 2.61 2.79
G 4.00 4.12

MCX Electrical Ratings

Impedance 50 ohm    
Frequency Range DC to 6 GHz    
  Cable Type Straight Right Angle
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage(at sea level, in V rms, 50 Hz) RG 174,188,316,.086" 750 min 1000 min
Working Voltage(at sea level, in V rms, 50 Hz) RG 178,196,.047" 250 max 335 max
Insulation Resistance 10,000 M min    
Insertion Loss .1dB max @ 1.0 GHz    
Contact Resistance Center Contact Outer Contact  
5 m max 1 m max  

MCX Mechanical Ratings

Mating snap-on coupling  
Durability 500 matings  
Engagement Force 5.6 lbs max  
Disengagement Force 1.8 lbs to 4.5 lbs  
Contact Captivation 4.5 lbs. min  
Cable Retention RG 174, 188, 316 RG 178, 196
12.1 lbs min 7.3 lbs min

MCX Environmental Ratings

Temperature Range -65C to +165C  
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition B  
Corrosion MIL-STD-202, Method 101, Condition B  
Temperature Cycling MIL-STD-1344, Method 1003, Condition A  


    Material Plating
Connector Body   Brass per QQ-B-626 Gold/Nickel
Center Contact Male Brass per QQ-B-626 Gold
  Female Beryllium Copper per QQ-C-530 Gold
Insulator   Teflon None
Crimp Ferrule   Annealed Copper per WW-T-799 Same as body